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Esbit Titanium Pot (750 ml)

Esbit Camp Cooking supplies (Esbit PT750-TI)

Ultra light titanium cooking pot weighing only 107 grams but with a 750 ml capacity.

With two hinged grips that fold flat for storage and a folding lockable grip on the lid. Comes in a thick multi-layer mesh bag with two pockets to hold your Esbit titanium cutlery (cutlery not included).

Very lightweight yet strong and robust, excellent for backpackers, festival goers or campers.

Model brand / code: Esbit PT750-TI

Approximate dimensions: 11 x 10 x 10 cm

Weight: 107 g

Esbit Titanium Pot (750 ml)
£40.09 GBP
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Approximately €46.50 EUR or $58.13 USD

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