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REAL Turmat Kebab Casserole

REAL Turmat - Drytech Freeze Dried Food (Turmat)

This item has been discontinued, and is no longer available from the manufacturer.
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Extremely lightweight, compact pack size, freeze dried vacuum packed individual portion meals, simply add hot water. The meal is prepared in the pouch, keeping the food hot and eliminating the need to carry a plate.

Made from fresh Norwegian ingredients that are carefully processed in a proprietary drying process developed by Drytech, maintaining the natural taste, flavor, appearance and nutritional values; additive free other than vitamin C (ascorbic acid).

Spicy chicken with rice, peppers and tomato. Prepared weight 500 g, 596 Kcal per portion.

Model brand / code: Turmat

Weight: 150 g


Available in Turmat Drytech Food
REAL Turmat Meat Soup
REAL Turmat Meat Soup
REAL Turmat - Drytech Freeze Dried Food

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